Class Descriptions

Acro - Students will work on acrobatic technique and tricks.

Alignment and Extensions - Students will work on flexibility while strengthening and lengthening muscles. This class will stress the importance of finding strength and solidarity on supporting leg.

Primary: Ballet will focus on the fundamentals of terminology, placement, and class etiquette.
Intermediate: Ages 10-13 with prior experience.
Advanced: Ages 14 and over with prior experience.

Contemporary - Combining elements of jazz, modern, and ballet with abstract and artistic expression.

Hip Hop - High Energy class that will focus on adaptive movement and rhythm.

Jazz Jumps & Turns- Will focus on learning proper dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns. Dancers will work on finding center strength and flexibility while also learning how to better their leaps, jumps, and turns.

*Ballet is recommended in conjunction with this class

Lyrical - Stylized jazz class that will incorporate strong ballet foundation.

Musical Theatre - Is a form of theatrical performance that combines acting, musicality, and jazz technique. Tap may be incorporated at times.

Tap - Dancers will focus on rhythmic variations. Beginner class will learn foundational steps that will help them excel to the next level. MAKE SOME NOISE!!

Modern - Modern is the polar opposite of ballet. While ballet focuses on symmetry, poise and lift form the core; modern works on asymmetry, a connection to the ground and body contractions.Classes are structured in the traditional modern format starting with a warm up followed by floor combination and travelling across the floor or creative explorations.

Strength and Conditioning - This class is a great way to improve agility and core stability while gaining further understanding how the dancer’s body works. It is recommended for all levels of dancers to work on personal goals and achieve great flexibility and strength.